Robin Baugh

About the Album

A Rising Wave

by Robin Baugh

Released 12/10/2015
Released 12/10/2015
A Rising Wave is a stirring arrangement of Celtic Harp music with a hint of Scottish Hammered Dulcimer. The music presented within relaxes the mind and eases the spirit. A Rising Wave will evoke a deeper stirring within the soul.
Throughout the ages, music has always been an integral part of stirring the soul; no matter how it is born. In her debut album, Robin Baugh wanted to explore the harmony of creation and the energy that rises from it. Using cutting edge technology, she is part of a new generation of iPad artists who are pushing the boundaries of what music and technology can create. With that fusion of old and new, A Rising Wave was created and performed entirely on an iPad.

In an exploration of her Celtic ancestry, Robin looked to the strength and perseverance of the Celts throughout history for inspiration. Through the darkest of times, the Celts have always strived to celebrate the wonder of life and that is fully reflected in their music and traditions. She was inspired to create this interpretation of Celtic song in honor of her Grandmother, who was the epitome of Scottish and Irish strength, depth and beauty. With that in mind, Robin strived to create haunting, beautiful melodies by harnessing and releasing the energy that creates worlds. From that desire, A Rising Wave was born.

Like any good story, the album itself was created in three acts. Act one starts with "Eiridh tonn air uisge balbh," (A Wave Will Rise on Quiet Water). This Scottish Gaelic expression comes from the understanding that still waters evoke strength and depth beyond measure. From this powerful place, one can be strong enough to bring forth a wave of life, energy and courage. This impetus is the driving force behind this album. That feeling is continued with "Breath of Light," a haunting melody which explores the quiet energy of the hours before sunrise, when the world is still. It is carried on in the next piece "Before the Dawn there is Light" and continues on with the Hammered Dulcimer piece "Dawn Rising" a joyful, bright song exploring the energy of the world waking for its new day. Next, comes "Breezes in my Mind" and "Beautiful Rain" two Celtic Harp songs which flow into the energy of the coming day.

The second act starts with "A Celebration of Day." This song, which is the second of two Hammered Dulcimer pieces, explores the energy of a full and beautiful summer day. The journey is continued with "Deep Oceans Calling" which seeks out the strength of the deeper places in our soul. "Endless Wonders" is an extension of that feeling with its minor chords and evocative sounds of the Celtic Harp. The act ends with "Twilight Calling," which calls forth the ease and peaceful feeling that arises as the day draws to a close.

The third and final part of the album begins with "Skylight Wanderings," a joyful wandering across the nighttime sky towards the stars. This journey is carried on with the next two songs, "Midnight Dreams" and "Late Night Stillness" and the inner peace found therein. Finally, the album comes to a close with "Wild Horses Running" and ends with its signature piece, "A Rising Wave."

All in all, a feeling of relaxation and harmony are evoked throughout the album, with the use of minor chords and harmony. Although the music isn't traditionally Celtic in its inception or sound, it nonetheless draws heavily on the long tradition of using music to stir the heart and inspire the soul. In the end, A Rising Wave will leave you feeling content and easy in your spirit.