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By jballen on January 26, 2016
Format: MP3 Music
Soothing and inspired, I listen to this most every day, it is a meditation of melodic sounds.

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Installing a water heater... frustrating, this song came on and calmed me down, went to computer to make station of artist. 

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Monterrey MexicoMx
Really magnificent chill out relaxing sound! Congratulations.

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sweet sound.

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slow but nice.

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It's a great song. I really like it.

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This is the review of the song, "Breezes in My Mind" from the album, "A Rising Wave" on LTATM.

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I have this CD and love to use it as meditation music! It is beautifully done and so relaxing! I can just let my mind drift off and take away the cares of the day! Totally recommend this to anyone and everyone no matter your usual musical taste. I mean, after all, can’t we all use some “me” time to unwind after a day in this crazy world we live in? Amazing job Robin! Thank you!