This music is so soothing and lovely. Great job to Robin Baugh for making such beautiful music. I can't wait to hear what the next album is going to sound like.

5.0 out of 5 stars by jballen

Soothing and inspired, I listen to this most every day, it is a meditation of melodic sounds.
Robin's music is absolutely soothing and beautiful. All the songs are unique and melodically composed. I am happy to have come across Robin's album.

Monterrey MexicoMx

Really magnificent chill out relaxing sound! Congratulations.

Installing a water heater... frustrating, this song came on and calmed me down, went to computer to make station of artist. 

Sweet sound.

Slow but nice.

Great melody.

Perfect, thanks. :O))

It's a great song. I really like it.

soothing & sweet.

 Good! Good! Good!


Throughout the ages, music has always been an integral part of stirring the soul; no matter how it is born. In her debut album, Robin Baugh wanted to explore the harmony of creation and the energy that rises from it.

Robin is a coffee lover, an armchair sailor, an author and an iPad artist. She is married, loves a good book, cherishes the beauty of the ocean and loves to spend time creating music and other works that will inspire.

Celtic harmonies that put to rest the spirit and flow with an abiding sense of peace. Listen to Robin on her YouTube Channel.

Artist: Robin Baugh
title: A Rising Wave
keywords: World, Celtic, ambient, new age, iPad

Like a modern day crusader of calming minstrel materials ‘Robin Baugh’ battles the old guard of the classic music makers. Her slow sword / instrument sounds like the one which her enemies are familiar with, yet look and feels completely different! What is this shiny piece of glass that she tips her fingers over? What is this modern day magic that are deceiving the ears in such delightful forms?

Robin Baugh is bringing new life to her Celtic roots of world music into the super modern age; she proudly created harp music with a touch of dulcimer on the technology that is known in the folk mouth as the iPad. You might have heard about it? Does it ring a bell?

The iPad is not a brand name for an actual harp, but it’s a portable interactive flat touch-screen that works a bit like a computer: Robin Baugh uses it clearly as a practical modern day harp instrument, throwing away the opinions of skeptics that are drastically holding on to their violins and banjos.

She is in fact a leading character of the rising wave of the iPad musicians’ generation. With her Celtic roots inspired chill-out harp album named ‘a rising wave’ she parades upfront leaving old school traditionalists behind, biting dust in the ancient times.

She proofs that actual harps are out of date, uneasy to handle, impracticable and heavy to move & iPads are a perfect substitute. Heck with a bit of practice you will be able to play harp, make selfies and check emails at the same time! Think what this will mean for the future of music? As Robin Baugh’s sound is as a harp, yet hasn’t have the unpractical side of being heavy to be moved & cutting fingers on the strings.

Wouldn’t it be time for classically trained musicians in an symphonic orchestra to replace all their instruments with iPads? Imagine how much easier it would be to travel, how much fresh air a horn section would save by playing their parts on a iPad? Imagine how much space will be saved when cellos, drums and tubas will be replaced by iPads?

With proud pioneers like Robin Baugh showing how it is done in reality, the traditional instrument makers could better start digging for a new job: Maybe something in IT? With an album of this kind it is for sure a dead sentence to actual real life harps & a warm embracement to iPads and their copy-cat-like-friends. When this new wave has taken over the dumpsters will be filled with useless instruments that don’t get a spot in the museum to be stared at by the future generations.

Scary thought; there are actual composing robots at work now that do not need any human interference to compose technically correct and impressive music. Slowly hinting that the future will not only replace hand workers and traditional instruments, but also composers, producers and musicians (armed with an iPad or not…) what will be next? Will technology replace the job of hearing, listening and enjoying music too? Will the reviews by YIKIS replaced by a random word generator? -Well to be honest if the future will all sound as relaxing and authentic as Robin Baugh’s iPad album then I will be gladly replaced by technology.

You can hear and stream the album through many channels, all nicely located from the modern day iPad artist at her own website:

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A Rising Wave

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A Rising Wave