A Rising Wave

Robin Baugh

A Rising Wave is a stirring arrangement of Celtic Harp music with a hint of Scottish Hammered Dulcimer. The music presented within relaxes the mind and eases the spirit. A Rising Wave will evoke a deeper stirring within the soul.

Throughout the ages, music has always been an intrinsic part of stirring the soul. In this Celtic New Age album, Robin Baugh wanted to explore the harmony of creation and the energy that rises from it. Using innovative technology, she is part of a new breed of iPad artists who are advancing the boundaries of what music and technology can create. With that fusion, "A Rising Wave," was conceived and performed entirely on an iPad.

Throughout time, the Celts have always honored the wonder and beauty of life and that is echoed in their music and traditions. Robin was inspired to create this album in honor of her Scottish/Irish Grandmother. Her Grandmother, was the embodiment of Celtic strength, depth and artistry. With that in mind, Robin drew from the spirit of her ancestors for inspiration and the result are haunting, beautiful melodies.

While the music isn't traditionally Celtic in its inception, it draws heavily on the ancient Celtic tradition of using music to stir the heart. In the end, "A Rising Wave," will leave you feeling content and peaceful in your soul.

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